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Company overview

We believe in human aspiration & innovation , and try to accommodate an sphere in which the most valuable asset as being our special & talented colleagues can cooperate in development & transfer of their knowledge in the area of their specialties with thanks to the provided environment of Research & Development with all necessary means & tools.

Bordarshib is honored to offer its more than 30 years of vast knowledge in supplying the Packaging industry all the necessary Paper & Film processing expertise especially aimed at manufacturing all kinds of “Self Adhesive Tapes & Labels” and “Release Papers”, and “Cold seal & Heat Seal” Papers & Films and many more related products in its facilities with over 400 highly experienced employees at 36000 m2 of workshop in its sites.

Golden ways we impress our customers


Quality in our products:

Customers in each & every level receives special treatment from Bordarshib Team-Our goal is to gain & keep the trust and confidence of our existing & new customers all the time


Precisions in our offered services:

We always consider customers as our long term business partners and we support them in every stage of the product consumption through best possible ways & means , so that our promise & integrity would remain firm & strong for all commitments we make. To gain access to best possible quality in our products in meeting the expectations of our customers , we try to equip our facilities with the highest technological advances .. so to keep our promises as always .. for delivery of goods & services at the short time with no sacrifice on the merits .. We have tried to develop the culture of continued education throughout the carrier of all employees to make sure having the needed skills to perform the tasks with high standards.


Speed in communication:

As with utilizing all the pre-defined ISO standards for each & every product & service we try to make all the product specs repeatable so that customers can relay on our commitments , and we are proud to see the continued commitment of our customers to us as well.