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Bordarshib; has thrived & inspired by strong support of its very talented human resource backed up by support of cutting edge technology in processing & manufacturing front which has enabled its products and services to have a saying in international competitive markets.

Research & Development branch of the company along with sales & marketing experts has made it possible to understand the needs & preferences of its customers and implementing the industry norms & standards , so that the trust & needs of the consumers have always been the ultimate aim to gain.

Diversity of the range of products & services offered by Bordarshib products and their flexibility to comply with customer exact needs , along with very fast turnaround in lead time , and finally the last and not the least , the competitiveness in pricing has all contributed to strong presence of Bordarshib in Export markets.

All the film & paper processing needs of different industries in neighboring countries such as Persian Gulf area countries and northern & western countries around Iran , have all been attended especially in PSA Tape and Label sector which shows strong growth in last few years once Iran internal market needs have been made answered by Bordarshib with its Market share of over 70% as being the main player ..