Wide variety of PSA laminating foils. For many applications with delicate surfaces which require well protection against damage during transportation or fabrication , our laminates do it right.

Description Film Thick. Color Width Length Application
*OPP Over Laminate 20,25,30 mic Clear 50-1000 mm 50-500 meter Print-over laminate

(highly transparent, premium grade acrylic adhesive , which provides extended life for printed paper, film labels, emblems, signs ,subject to outdoor exposure)

PE-Laminate  50-150 mic Clear 50-1000 mm 50-500 meter

Protective layer for many industrial products, automotive Ind.

* - Extra gloss
-Leaves no adhesive residue on the surfaces   
-Weather resistant
-Excellent workability

PSA laminating foils made by "Bordarshib Co."