No matter what your labeling application is, Bordarshib can formulate and produce a wide range of label stock to meet your needs.

  Label stocks can be made of paper (Art paper , High Gloss Cast paper and Matt offset printing paper) , or films (Polypropylene films in transparent & white) or foils (Aluminums and etc.)

 Label Selection Criteria:  
 As any label is comprised of three main parts, Face Material , Adhesive and Release liner, depending on any end use application , following could be considered:

Face material selection:

Brand Basic weight g/m2 Average caliper General description Application Printing
Matt 80 80 87 Wood free, white machine finished  printing  paper Computer, sign and price  marking   labels Mainly for line text and halftone by usual   printing   techniques
ART 80 80 70 Wood free, white one side coated   semi   gloss   paper Sign, cosmetic and promotional   labels Convenient for process multicolor printing by usual techniques
Chrom 80 80 85 Wood free, white one side cast   coated   gloss   paper Sign, cosmetic and promotional labels ; not   recommended   for high curved   surfaces Convenient for process multicolor printing by usual techniques
Therm 76 78 Wood free, white   paper, coated with a black imaging Mostly for retail weighing equipment Convenient for printing in all usual printing techniques in absence   of organic solvents and heat ; areas for imprinting   should not be varnished
Trans 53,35 60,40 A polypropylene film in transparent appearance Flexible labels for squeezable bottles , bags and other containers, cosmetic , pharmaceutical and sign labels Can be printed   in all common techniques ; corona treatmented

Labels in roll & sheet

Adhesive selection:

Code Initial    Tack     Ultimate Adhesion      Minimum Application  Temperature Service Temperature  Range      Application
P   high High 5 -10 -- 80 General purpose   permanent   adhesive with good initial   tack and final adhesion to wide range of surfaces. Ideal for high speed conversion. Adhesive complies with FDA 175.105 and  BGVV recommendations   
PP   Very high Very high -10 -20 -- 80 High   initial   tack   permanent   adhesion   on   all  kinds   of surfaces, including non polar. Complex shaped labels may Limit the conversion speed
A   Low High 5 5 -- 70 Repositionable application for cases, when need for Replacing label is necessary. Very good converting on guillotine. Adhesive complies with FDA 175.105 and BGW  recommendations

Release Liner Backings
code Base- Material Gramag Gram/m2   Width mm   Length meter   Color Release Force N/2.5cm   Application  
GL 40  GL 45 GL 50   Glassine
-one side  
Any up to 1040 mm Any up to 3000 Yellow 0.05 to 0.50
  (Acc. to applic.)
Protection layer in   sanitary pads possible custom logo print on back good run ability    
GL 62 GL 80 GL100
2 GL62 2 GL80

Glassine  -one side

-two side  


62 , 80
Any up to 1040 mm Any up to 3000 Yellow 0.05 to 0.50
  (Acc. to applic.)
Release liner in label construction general protective layer   for sticky surfaces
*good run ability in converting presses
SC 45 SC 70 SC 80 SC 100 SC-Kraft 45
Any up to 1040 mm Any up to 3000 Yellow White 0.15 to 0.50 -Protection layer in sanitary pads Release liner for sheet fed labels Release liner for sticky products  
KP 90 KP 100 Kraft-PE 90
Any up to 1040 mm Any up to 3000 Brown
0.15 to 0.50 -Release liner for sticky products -Inter layer                 
PP 60 Polypropylene 20
  * 60
Any up to 1040 mm Any up to 3000 Clear 0.05 to 0.30 -General release liner
-Inter layer for sticky products
*-two sided release liner could be produced on this grade  
All backing papers are siliconized with additional, platinum catalyzed silicones with speed independent, low release level .  In specially demand we can adjust release to desire value ( 15 mN/cm to 100 mN/cm ). 
Standard   combination   for   rolls and   sheets  
Labels in sheet

Face Material Adhesives Backing papers Face Material Adhesives Backing papers
MATT 60,80 P.PP, A  Gl62/SC80/SC70 MATT P.PP, A   SC80/SC70/SC100/KP100
ART 80 P.PP, A  Gl62/SC80/SC70 ART P.PP, A   SC80/SC70/SC100/KP100
CHROM 80   P.PP, A  Gl62/SC80/SC70 CHROME   P.PP, A   SC80/SC70/SC100/KP100
THRM    80 P.PP, A GL62/SC80/SC70 TRANS P.PP, A   SC80/SC70/SC100/KP100
TRANS   40,60 P.PP, A GL62/SC80/SC70   P.PP, A


Label selection criteria (How to order)

To indicate desired label construction, please choose the relative product code from the above chart and enter as following example :


Face material of the label Adhesive kind wanted Release liner backing




   Complete code for ordering :    MATT80-P-GL62

Conditions of production

Products   are produced  according to internal   quality   standards, which   undergoes   quality   control in   checking   before they leave   factory   in   compliance    with FINAT prescriptions .  

Dimension of rolls : 60 to 1000 mm wide
500 to 3000 m long ( maximum to 800 mm outside diameter)
800 mm maximal diameter
76 mm core
Dimension of sheets :   standard is 50 x 70 cm ( B2 ) and 51 x 70 cm , A-4 size , A-5 size
Connections :   each   layer   separately   and   marked
Packaging of   rolls :  each   cut   is  wrapped   in   PE-cushion film & Kraft liner  
Packaging of sheets : at   least   200 sheets   wrapped   in   moisture   resistant   paper  or   on  pallet with   mark   on   each   200   sheets  
Min . order quantities :   standard   material :   1000   m2 or 2000 sheets made   to   order   materials : 5000 m2