Designed  and printed borders by Bordarshib co.

Bordarshib offers todayís exciting new wallpaper borders with collection of patterns to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom , living room ,childrenís room, nursery and even offices.
These borders are self-adhesive laminated, so you can easily peel off the protective layer from back of the border and just mount it on the wall!, So there is no need for any skilled  worker to mount it on.   
Other benefit with self-adhesive borders is you donít damage the wall at the time of mounting and also if you wish to change the decoration at a later date.
Bordarshib brings happiness  and freshness into living environment with wide selection of itís borders.  
Borders are offered in different width of 10 to 25 cm and 10 meter length.
Also promotional custom designed borders are available to all manufacturing and service companies to have their own Logo, product specification and any other advertisement to be printed either on paper or transparent films.

Some samples of wallpaper Borders.